Sounds Sweet Show

Skittles and Kit Kat recorded an interview with Groovy David for his Sounds Sweet show podcast.  Check out his website, or search for “sounds sweet show” in the Podcasts section of ITunes – interview posted on 11/26!

groovydavidmusic – Podcast.


Candy Band on Sprockster

Check out Candy Band’s profile on Sprockster, a cool website dedicated to children’s music!

My Page –

Cool Mom Picks – Gimme an “oi!” for punk music for kids

Cool Mom Picks – Gimme an “oi!” for punk music for kids.

Candy Band nominated as best party entertainer – vote now!

Nominated for best party entertainer in Detroit, MI. Vote now!

Vote for Candy Band in Nick’s Parents’ Picks Awards

For kids’ music cd

Vote for Candy Band @ Parents Connect

Scroll down to “the Candy Band to vote”!

Best Detroit party entertainer | Parents Picks Nominees 2010 | Parents Connect.

Zooglobble Reviews “High Five”

Zooglobble says “High Five” is our best album yet!